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What is BuckDrop?

BuckDrop is an HTML link that you can place in your website, blog, CraigsList post, Get Google CheckoutMySpace, FaceBook profile or anywhere else for anybody to click and pay you using PayPal or Google Checkout.

It simplifies the process of accepting money. You can use it to accept donations,Get PayPal pending auction payments or even to collect money from friends who owe you for whatever since whenever. It is simply a copy-paste utility which does not require you to register with us or install anything. You can also add the link to your PDF or email invoices. Essentially, BuckDrop provides you a functional way to say "Pay Me Now".


Who's using it

Full-time blogger Ades is using it to get his fill of coffee.


A big thanks to Google Checkout guru Ignacio Blanco for developing the code generator!

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